OPENING 25.05.24 / 15u – 18u in the presense of KIM BUCK

FINISSAGe 29.06.24 / 14u – 17u in the presense of PETER BAUHUIS


“The jolly art, of making something very bright and moving; it may be horrible or pathetic or funny or profoundly illuminating…”
HG Wells on Short Stories

These characteristics of the short story genre can easily be applied to Bauhuis’ and Buck’s visual universe. Their jewellery is characterized by a interplay of suggestions and omissions, reduction and richness of detail. To decipher this universe of associations, allusions, and possibilities, audience participation is crucial. In return they will get stories that span a wide range, from the absurd and humorous to the existential and political. (Jorunn Veiteberg)


The gallery, housed in a historic building with 600 years old vaults, is a "pearl of peace" in a blissfully bustling, vibrant city where you can dream away for a moment.

In 2022, the gallery of Pont & Plas (Ghent) celebrates its 20th anniversary.
Located on the corner of the world-renowned Graslei and Hooiaard in Ghent, the Pont & Plas gallery offers a special collection of handmade contemporary art jewellery, made for men and women by Belgian and foreign jewellery designers of international renown.
The gallery is very welcoming: visitors are free to open all the drawers, thereby giving way to a range of shapes that arise from an underlying concept. The jewels are made of diverse materials such as silver, gold and steel, but also urushi lacquer, precious stones, glass — even felt, rubber and grass are on display…

All designers have enjoyed many years of apprenticeship in academies and other art schools where the artisan tradition is handed down and a sense of poetry and beauty is kindled.
An additional challenge are the changing, temporary exhibitions which strike up a dialogue with other artistic disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, video, photography, ceramics, glass… all of which have a link with art jewellery.
The gallery, housed in a historic building with 600 years old vaults, is a “pearl of peace” in a blissfully bustling, vibrant city where you can dream away for a moment.


Jorge Manilla (MX/BE) Ineffable

Image expo Jorge Manilla

How do we deal with our memories nowadays? Which are misinterpreted, fabricated, distorted? How do we identify the real from the imagined?
In this exhibition I offer a psychological and emotional travel from reality, intensifying from subtle alterations to the most bizarre fabrications. Ensembles of different materials and shapes serve as second and third layers of certainties and sentiments creating a series of non-verbal statements and strong visual confrontations.
Photography: Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

Machteld Lambeets Curious content

My making process is a volatile space where my status as a maker and the status of my objects are in a constant conversation. What role do I have to play while the identity of an object is being formed? The mould defines the edges of the object, yet, together with the materials, it has the power to change and reform my creation. They are the ones that take control over themselves as an object.

amparo de backer Mezquida

In her work, Amparo is always looking for the subtlety of a feeling hidden in the most unexpected of moments. Such as suddenly becoming aware of an image or an idea. For example? A beautiful, white, pure, snowy landscape where many have tread, thereby reducing the snow to slush. That very short in-between moment, when beautiful purity collapses into complete chaos. Her works are always an abstract, intuitive way of coming to terms with these unconscious, intense experiences; with the absurdity of emotions.

Gésine Hackenberg (DE/NL) Around and About

Around and About — Gésine Hackenberg

The basic idea in the new collection Around and About by Gésine Hackenberg is to capture the shape and the energy that emerges from movement and rotation. The series focuses on clay as main material and the process of throwing on a potter’s wheel. Here, Gésine Hackenberg merges associations of whirling bodies or spinning tops with classical vessel shapes. They materialize a certain concentrated state of mind that is inherent to the dynamics of spinning with a literal and metaphorical balanced centre.
At this point, the ceramic container turns into a vessel for the human spirit.
Photography: Gésine Hackenberg

Nataliya Vladychko (NL/UA) Childhood

Nataliya Vladychko — Kindertijd

This work is all about my childhood. Unforgotten memories of past events are integrated into it. The applied technique here is ‘pâte de verre’ in which it is possible to reshape the glass while it is still hot (folding, pulling and stretching).
Photography: Steven van Kooijk

Akiko Kurihara (JP) Science is silver, silence is gold

Akiko Kurihara — Science is silver, silence is gold

My pieces are not decorative but I believe that if you look at them carefully you will find the hidden fascinations and meanings (= silence) I use the casual discoveries in daily life and small findings in physical phenomena to create jewellery pieces using humor and wit in minimalistic ways. To expand the possibilities of jewellery, even if they are small objects, I like to challenge myself. The humor and wit in my work connect me to the person wearing my pieces, as well as to the people who see them.

Mieke Everaet Angular Wavy – kaolin clay

Mieke Everaet — Angular Wavy kaolin clay

Mieke Everaet shows a series of bowl variations–the ideal form which reflects the authenticity of porcelain. The starting point is the bowl, simple and complex at the same time. The bowls are made up of pigmented kaolin clay in white, gray and black colour areas. Wavy, convex, concave and angular shapes and lines alternate and play a dynamic game. The bottom of the bowl-shape is often sloping, as a result of which one can look under it, giving the form a sense of lightness. The interior space has a strong presence and is related to the outdoor space. It is the essence of the work, ‘in’ and ‘out’ fade seamlessly into one another. By blending the different shapes together, the perception of the space challenges continuously.
Shape, colour and structure are fused into one single unit, the bowl-shape. The approach is clear and without any detours.
Translation: Ilse Hens / photography: Michèle Francken

Nicolas Van Vosselen Jeu des manifestants

Nicolas Van Vosselen — Jeu des manifestants

Nicolas Van Vosselen has been making collages and assemblages since many years. He usually works on a small scale, with a lot of attention to detail. Materials and colours are carefully chosen in function of the composition.
Text fragments and titles, seemingly picked at random, play an important role. Should his work perhaps be seen as pages from catalogues of non-existing objects or as diagrams illustrating essays of discarded sciences?

Ria Lins & Beniti Cornelis Anyway

Ria Lins & Beniti Cornelis — Anyway

Ria Lins
Amazement at interpersonal relationships and the adaptability to the diversity of our society are threads that can be found throughout the work of Ria Lins. The way jewels can be worn and, above all, the way jewels behave are primordial in her design. Key words for her jewellery collection are connection, contact, link, relationship and coherence. Photographs of her work are just one fraction of their presentation. It is better to feel the pieces. They are extremely tactile and soft. They feel like fabric and the movement they make while walking is both poetical and unique.

Beniti Cornelis
Power is born out of chance, founded by tenderness and pain. The genesis of symbols has been ripened by century old emotions.

KGB Jewels

KGB — Juwelen

‘KGB’ shows new works by Kim Buck (Denmark), Tore Svensson (Sweden) and Karin Seufert (Germany). The title contains initials, representing the cities of Copenhagen (København), Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Berlin, the cities where each of the artists lives and where the exhibition was shown in the last years. The three artists have a great deal in common regarding their viewpoints on jewellery and materials.
Image: Kim Buck

Gésine Hackenberg (DE/NL) Daily Delicious

Gésine Hackenberg — Daily Delicious

Fruit and vegetables titillate and beguile our senses. These same qualities are also essential in jewellery.

Photography: Rutger Graas/Gésine Hackenberg

Diego Joosten Veritas

Diego Joosten — Veritas

To jot down experience at once; to break it down and rewrite it through gesture. To pile image upon image in a layered bustle – vast, yet full of fidgety observations of detail. A tapestry of colouristic contrasts. Diego Joosten’s working process is an agile one and gives way to new pictorial spaces and a boundless variety of techniques as fragments of a wider landscape. Start the dialogue, without translation.
Translation: Kristof Dams

Tanel Veenre (EE) Naturesque

Tanel Veenre — Naturesque

The unnatural, that too is natural.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

I am not copying, neither denying or defeating nature. It`s more like echoing it, filtering it through my inner soils. Until it becomes the same, mirror in the mirror. I am not sure where to draw the line. The only thing I know is what I feel. And it`s an urge, it`s the call of creating. So all the forms are gowing out of my fingers like grass from the ground. Until my art becomes nature. Let it be then burlesque, arabesque and baroque – nature full of itself. Naturesque.

* Urban Dictionary: An adjective that describes something very attractive in nature, something that has striking natural beauty and is acellent in the world.

Geir Nustad (NO) Street View

Geir Nustad — Street View

Through the eyes of the artist Geir Nustad, we look at the world, dissected into images, portrayed into glass objects. “In my Graal works I capture the life I am living and the lives I see being lived around me. Commenting on our surroundings, the big cities and the society we are living in. A reflection on the world and the way it changes.” The images are a mix of self-made and found photos. Nustad uses the tools of new technology in combination with old techniques, creating a new and different expression in the Graal objects, capturing photographic images inside the glass. “I am trying to bridge the use of glass as a material both in craft and fine arts, creating a deeper connection between the object and the spectator.”

ARPAÏS Du Bois Paintings

ARPAÏS Du Bois – Schilderijen

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  • Paintings Bernard Sercu

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Jewellery Designers


  • Åsa Christensson
  • Madeli Viljoen
  • Dorothea Brill
  • Gésine Hackenberg
  • Jeannette Jansen
  • Akiko Kurihara
  • Lore Langendries
  • Ria Lins
  • Jorge Manilla
  • Patrick Malotki
  • Kristi Paap
  • Karin Seufert
  • Tore Svensson
  • Nicole Thienpont
  • Ketli Tiitsar
  • Erik Urbschat
  • Aline Vandeplas
  • Diederick Van Hovell
  • Karen Vanmol
  • Tanel Veenre
  • Peter Vermandere
  • Åsa Elmstam
  • Andrea Wagner
  • Isabelle Azaïs
  • Märta Mattsson
  • Jeanine van der Linde
  • Nevin Arig
  • Martine De Vos
  • Juan Harnie
  • Ute van der Plaats
  • Carlo Van Poucke (keramiek) & Kirsten Goemaere
  • Sebastien Carré
  • Lauren Vanessa Tickle
  • Ana Escobar
  • Carine Van Landeghem
  • Emiliana Design

Malvine Marichal


All things have a beginning and an end, but the end is also the beginning, and in Malvine’s work there is a strong sense of rebirth and the cycle of life.

Tanel Veenre

“I believe in fairy tales, fantasy and the spirit of the imagination. And I know that I am not alone in my faith. Let these jewels be the key to everyone’s inner paradise, the dream kingdom. “

Isabelle Azaïs

Isabelle Azaïs her jewellery are a stretch from the conventional notion of finery. A reconciliation with a sculptural object that uses the body as pedestal, like a molding manifesto that talks about who choses it, who is looking at it. In her case the jewellery is talkative, baroque, complex as are all the contradictions crossing our times.

Gesine Hackenberg

Fruit and vegetables titillate and beguile our senses. These same qualities are also essential in jewellery.

Märta Mattsson


Sometimes I see beauty in things that other people find strange or are even repulsed by. I become fascinated when there is something you do not want to see and the feeling you get when you do not want to look at something, yet you still do. My jewellery deals with the tension that lies between attraction and repulsion. I take seemingly inappropriate materials, making ordinary and familiar objects seem extraordinary and unfamiliar.

These creatures are transformed and reborn; given a new life as objects of astonishment.

Kristi Paap

Brooch from the series Silence is not White, 2017

Apricot stones, cherry wood, cord, silver, buckshot

Nature conceals forms and colours that delight me and I am eager to share them with others. Inspired by my collection of wood and the seeds of stone fruit compiled over many years, I choose the shape and rhythm of a piece of jewellery and then it creates itself.  In this body of work made using seeds and wood, the beginning and end seems to coexist together. everything is one. I feel that this given moment conceals enormous strength and vulnerability of life.


Marion Delarue

“The Winged pieces seem to be strange wings made of an out of the ordinary colored fur.

In fact, they are made of duck’s leather, which has been carefully tanned and stitched symmetrically.

Brushing the clothes, the pieces seem to hold company to their owner by flying quietly next to him/ her.”

Karin Seufert



a red spot

a breathless move from an excited heart

fine patterns on fragile wings

just a second and it is over


Karin Seufert, Berlin June 2019

Ketli Tiitsar

“Tiger from the living room” have started their lives in the living room. In her work she focus on everyday environment, on what people gather around them and how do they define their private space.

Ria Lins

Unexpected colours appear, changing over time as metals oxidise, be it through impureness, mixing, contamination or pollution. As these changes emerge so does each item’s individuality …

Dorothea Brill

Like “wings” of colorful butterflies the single rings seem to be movable, but are hold at the “heart” in an exciting position.






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Aline Vandeplas (curator 2019 – …/ assistant 2002 – 2008)

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exhibitions  2024

25.05.24 – 29.06.24
SHORT STORIES Peter Bauhaus (D) & Kim Buck (DK)
Opening 25.05.24 15u – 18u (in presence of Kim Buck)
Finissage 29.06.24 (in presence of Peter Bauhuis)

09.05.24 – 12.05.24       ART@BONHOMMES.MEIGEM

16.03.24 – 20.04.24 Playtime
group exhibition:  Kim Buck (DK), Diederick Vanhovell (B), Lars Joosten (B), Denise Reytan (D), Typhaine le Monnier (Fr), Karen Vanmol (B), Annelies Vanoost (B).


exhibitions 2023        

29.10.23 – 03.12.23       Hol(l)y Wood group exhibition 

25-26.10- 2-3.11.23      G.AN.D.A promenade Saturday – Sunday g 11h – 19h

Gent ANtique Design Arts offers an update of the professional trade in antiques and old, modern and contemporary art and design, in the form of a Promenade through Ghent. The route aims to guide the visitor through the ever-changing art landscape.

10.09.23 – 14.10.23        SOAP group exhibition

06.08.23 – 02.09.23      HAIRY STYLE  group exhibition

14.05.23 – 17.06.23        Maaike Huys (B) solo exhibition

26.03.23 – 28.04.23      Madeli Viljoen (ZA/B) solo exhibition


Pont & Plas is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is joyfully breaking loose.
With its new exhibition ‘REACH OUT… AND TOUCH ME…’ of which the title alludes to the tones of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’, the jewellery gallery in Ghent presents, on top of its permanent collection, the new work of no less than 20 (jewellery) artists. Like a priestess, gallery owner Aline Vandeplas accommodates the remarkable rarities in her little temple on the corner of ‘de Graslei’ during one whole year. Rarities that, as the title of the exhibition suggests, in this corona era long to be touched again.
05.12.’21 – 08.01.’22      RIA LINS & BENITI CORNELIS
16.01.’22 – 12.02.’22      LORE LANGENDRIES & MANON VAN KOUSWIJK
20.02.’22 – 19.03.’22     MÄRTA MATTSSON & LAUREN VANESSA TICKLE
27.03.’22 – 30.04.’22     ISABELLE AZAÏS & SEBASTIEN CARRÉ
08.05.’22 – 04.06.’22    DIEDERICK VAN HOVELL & CLAIRE     LAVENDHOMME
12.06.’22 – 02.07.’22     NIK VANDEN BRANDE & LINDA SAVINEAU
07.08.’22 – 03.09.’22    KAREN VANMOL & LYNE DEL HEISCHA
11.09.’22 – 08.10.’22      KARIN SEUFERT & TORE SVENSSON
16.10.’22 – 26.11.’22       GÉSINE HACKENBERG & JEANNETTE JANSEN
04.12.’22 – 07.01.’23      MALVINE MARICHAL & SONJA GEENS